Justin Pisila

Artist’s Statement

I enjoy the beautiful objects housed in art museums, but I find it unfortunate that they are stripped of their original purpose. I make functional pieces and jewelry that I intend to be used regularly by their eventual owners. By creating elaborate versions of ordinary objects, I wish to make the everyday experience special.

Each individual piece is a combination of several different influences. My love of nature provides a background for much of my work, but I often blend the natural with other elements such as heavy metal, videogames, or a metalsmithing technique. This challenges me to integrate these wildly differing sources harmoniously within a single object.

Because my work is regularly used, it must be thoughtfully designed, and well crafted. I love the physical creation of each object and find satisfaction in careful planning and execution. My pieces often require technical problem solving during the design or construction. As a result, making unique tools such as a customized jig or a special set of hammers is a common practice. These tools become finished works that are as highly crafted as the jewelry they help produce.

The drive to achieve specific shapes leads me to utilize any technique available. Much of my work is developed with the aid of 3D modeling software, which is capable of generating the organic forms I favor. The computer, like any other tool, is not used exclusively, producing only certain parts while other components are handmade. The use of both mechanical and hand tools, reflects the combination of natural and man-made influences that inspire me to make everyday tasks more satisfying